What to Ask When Choosing a Data Entry Company?


In all businesses data entry is a very important requirement to update all the data and verify whenever it’s required for any decision making. Data entry is as important as the core business processes of the company, as data is required for strategy planning and further expansion of a business. If the data detailing is not proper, this will directly affect the core processes. Data Entry India outsourcing is viable to maintain the data, but it has to be done in a cost-effective way. So you need to check many points before appointing any data entry outsourcing partner.

How Cost-effective is outsourcing?

The most important reason for appointing data entry companies is to reduce the expenses. If the parent company wants to do data entry in-house, they will have to appoint more manpower and need bigger office space to accommodate staff and store the documents. Since the job requires expertise and technology, it will need more investments. But when companies engage an outsourcing data entry service provider, this data can be easily collected as and when required by email or file transfer. Cost-effectiveness can be assessed based on the following facts:

  • Short term or one-time data entry requirement is more cost-effective with outsourcing
  • Long term or on-going data entry requirement is more cost-effective with in-house team
  • Bulk Data Entry is cost-effective with outsourcing

What’s the Quality of service guaranteed?

Checking the quality of the outsourcing vendors’ deliverables is very important because this data is going to affect the core business strategies directly. Businesses should check whether the outsourcing partners are capable of customized data entry processing. It is the best solution for businesses. You can ask the company to do some sample work for you on a trial basis. Based on this trial work, you can assess the quality of work. Moreover, periodical evaluation of work in progress will also ensure better quality of deliverables.

How credible is the outsourcing company?

Credibility of the Offshore Data Entry Company is very important these days. If they are enough experienced and have quality workers, they will have satisfied customers. Businesses can consult these references and evaluate the credibility of the company. Credibility comes with experience and customer satisfaction only. It’s better to have close look on companies’ past experience and credibility. 100% accuracy of data is what the parent company looks for as this information is crucial in making many important decisions and strategies.

Do they have experienced manpower?

Data entry outsourcing companies should have experienced employees who are able to handle all kinds of data. If they are capable of handling all business verticals it is good for the businesses. If the company later plans for expansion or diversion into some other business vertical the same data entry providers will be able to continue their services.

How do they guarantee Data Security?

Keeping confidentiality of all documents is very important for any business. If the documents or information are leaked to the competitors, it can affect the business adversely. It is important to understand how data entry providers ensure data security. Technological advances imply that fewer paper documents are necessary. Digital data should be stored properly in computers with backup plans, user authentication and security. It should be available only to the responsible person from the parent company. Data need to be verified by internal and external auditing teams. Security of data is the first priority of data entry providers.

These are most important questions to ponder while choosing a data entry company. For offshore companies, it is also important to check their political and climatic stability and potential natural calamities. Last but not least, the internet bandwidth of the specific place has to be checked as sometimes you may need to send and receive bigger files.