Offline Data Entry Services

Despite the fact that modern business is based on digitization, many businesses still require offline data entry services. Data, as we all know, is a valuable asset for any business. A majority of small, medium, and big organizations still rely on data that is maintained in non-digital format. Manual invoices/receipts, insurance claims, and paper records are all excellent sources of information. India Data Entry, as one of the most reputed BPO companies in the country, provides first-class offline data entry services, keeping these necessities in consideration.

India Data Entry is a dependable data processing outsourcing company that caters to our global clients' various offline data entry service requirements. We feel that when implementing any type of offline data entry services, including the Excel data entry service, time is a critical factor. We work around the clock to ensure a successful outcome, since we have gained a reputation as a reliable offline data entry service firm and top offshore BPO company.

Data management is a difficult task, but we at India Data Entry will make it simple. Data is collected from a variety of offline sources, such as printed records, invoices, and other documents, through our offline data entry service. Following that, the obtained data is keyed into a systematized electronic or non-digital format, depending on our client's needs.

Our experts acquire proficiency in gathering and inputting the information into a database for developing meaningful insight. We render the offline data entry service to various industrial domains as an experienced offshore BPO company, such as – corporate, healthcare, insurance and banking, eCommerce, educational firms, real estate, market research companies, and publishing houses.

Our Offline Data Entry Services

  • Offline data entry of insurance claims
  • Offline survey data entry
  • Offline data capture and entry of tax forms
  • Offline data entry of healthcare, patient, or any medical records
  • Converting the offline data entry into any other format
  • Business cards, catalog, eBook data entry
  • Offline data entry into business databases
  • Offline data collection and entry into MS Excel and MS Word
  • Offline data entry and processing of mailing list and subscriptions
  • Data entry from printed bill of lading or freight audit reports
  • Data entry from printed receipts, bills, and invoices
  • Offline form processing and data capture
  • Offline form filing and catalog data entry
  • Offline payroll processing
  • Data entry from manuscripts, hardcopy, and printed material into an accessible format

Being a pro player in the data entry market and an offshore BPO company with years of experience, we have successfully handled countless data entry projects and are best known for rendering customized solutions better than any other BPO companies. The well-trained team at India Data Entry offers optimized, reasonable, and time-controlled offline data entry services. Quality empowered outputs are our primary motive and hence, to accomplish faultless results, we implement extraordinary quality checks. Having a robust security protocol is mandatory for our data entry services.

Offline Data Entry Workflow

  1. Accepting the data from our clients or sources such as hardcopy, scanned images, and handwritten documents
  2. The gathered data is entered into a format, suggested by our esteemed clients
  3. Implementing a powerful quality check to remove errors
  4. Giving the final touchup to the files before dispatching

Our outsourcing solutions of offline data entry service are scalable and versatile, as we have established ourselves as a first-class data processing company. We create customized offline data entry services that produce results in a short amount of time. Being a top offshore BPO company, India Data Entry offers organizations of all kinds a wide choice of offline data entry services. We've built long-term relationships with clients who have been relocated all over the world.

Partnering with India Data Entry for Offline Data Entry – The Best Offshore Data Processing Company

  • Our consistent and dedicated team of data entry operators will enable your firm to unleash the actual potential of your business data.
  • Providing world-class data security norms and protocol, diverting any kind of threat
  • Offering cost-effective offline data entry solutions, saving around 60-70% of the operational expenses
  • Having excellent domain expenses and rendering flexible outsourcing models, enhancing business productivity
  • Easy access to sophisticated technologies and committed manpower, maximizing the quality and business success
  • Leveraging quality-oriented offline data entry solutions, bringing about a rise in business efficiency
  • Ensuring the delivery of 99.99% accuracy, eliminating all sorts of misleading and confusing information
  • Generating fast and prompt offline data entry services and providing constant customer support

We’ll make the data that is captured from various sources work in favor of your business. To know more about our professional offline data entry services, reach us at [email protected] and move along with one of the best BPO companies you can find.

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