If you are seeking a worry-free eBook conversion service with reputed data conversion companies, you are at the right BPO outsourcing platform. Since our establishment, India Data Entry has been one of the best eBook conversion service outsourcing companies worldwide. With an expansion of the digitization practice with eBook conversion services, a majority of the organizations including Fortune 100 companies, educational institutes, authors, or publishing firms are constantly in the need of professional eBook conversion solutions.

If you are a firm that is seeking to publish a book, it could be an annual report, history of your firm, or any content for business purposes, it is essential to opt for eBook conversion services with data conversion companies you can trust. Though there are multiple automated ways of digitizing a printed book, it may not be effective always. Hence, it is always preferable to hire data conversion companies or an offshore BPO company that would assist you in the process of book to eBook conversion.

India Data Entry is built with a team of professionals who have absorbed proficiency in handling all kinds of book formats and various eBook conversion services. We will ensure to convert the printed or digital books/manuscripts into an eBook file that is compatible with any device (such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, or any eBook Reader like iPad or Amazon Kindle). We also accept the file forms in PDF, MS Word, or InDesign and give the quality-assured result in a client-desired format with our efficient eBook conversion services.

eBook conversion services at our BPO outsourcing firm covers the front-to-back layout formatting and the required conversion solution. We are well-equipped with the facilities for offering varied kinds of formatting that would match the different types of eBook readers. We guarantee to offer the best formatting solution to generate the perfect eBook conversion service.

The Topmost eBook Conversion Services at India Data Entry Includes:

  • Manuscript conversion
  • eBook proofreading
  • Graphic conversion
  • Tagging and linking of index table (also called the table of content)
  • PDF conversion services
  • Organizing and formatting the page numbers and headers
  • Re-pagination
  • Creating unique and innovative layouts for eBooks
  • Flexible and customized eBook conversion solutions
  • Various ePub formats
  • Cross-compatible eBook creation services

It has always been witnessed that creating eBooks is challenging, especially if you do not acquire the needed skills in the process. In such a scenario, approaching our team at India Data Entry, one of the best data conversion companies, will simplify your eBook conversion process, keeping a balanced profit and eliminating an unwanted stretch of budget with the best eBook conversion services. We aim at bringing a realistic approach to your book concept and visions.

The various types of eBooks created by India Data Entry include interactive books, travel books, technical manuals, fixed-layout books, enhanced books, read-aloud books, magazines, flipbooks, and so on.

Being one of the best professional eBook conversion service providers in India, we provide a streamlined methodology in implementing your project.

  • Step 1 - Assessing the client’s requirements related to the eBook creation, conversion, and formatting needs
  • Step 2 - Input file format is analyzed and detected errors or loopholes are eliminated instantly, ensuring a clean copy to proceed with work
  • Step 3 - Converting or digitizing the books into eBook format and ensuring to integrate the best cover design, animation, etc.
  • Step 4 - Implementing a thorough quality check and proofreading practice to ensure that it matches the client’s expectations
  • Step 5 - Rendering client-satisfied output in a format of the client’s choice You might be wondering what makes us stand apart from our competitors in the market.
  • Step 6 - Quality check process

You might be wondering what makes us stand apart from other data conversion companies and our competitors in the market.

Check out the benefits of hiring our eBook conversion services.

    1 .We do not grasp any kind of hidden royalty charges from our customers with the eBook conversion services
    2 .Having a crew of experienced ePublishing professionals
    3 .Get a risk and cost-free trial run
    4 .Possessing a rich infrastructure and manual resources
    5 .Employing a remote team to take care of your project, in case of any emergencies
    6 .Having robust and secure data safety measures and policies
    7 .Ensuring quality-enhanced eBook conversion services at an affordable pricing package better than any other data conversion companies
    8 .We aim at generating 100% customer-satisfied results and keep our customer support open 24*7
    9 .Our eBook conversion service will help you to reach out to millions of online readers
    9 .We keep a consistent quality from the start to the finish of the project and deliver the result on-time
    10 .We bring an authentic and error-free result, without making a compromise on the originality of the eBook
    11 .Providing extensive proofreading and quality check assistance
    12 .We take the suggestions from our client before initiating the project of eBook conversion services and ensure a continuous interaction process

If you wish to strengthen your brand presence and expose your business to varied new opportunities with data conversion companies offering eBook conversion services, collaborating with an offshore BPO company like India Data Entry is the finest choice. Our professionally implemented eBook conversion formats can be effortlessly published across various channels and platforms. To get a free quote, feel free to discuss your project with our team at [email protected]

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