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Data conversion service is an important aspect of any organization, and it necessitates the alteration of existing data in order to convert it into a new format that can be used. Data management can be a time-consuming and difficult task. India Data Entry, one of India's top offshore BPO companies, offers simple and automatic data conversion solutions to meet your company's demands.

A significant aspect of the data digitization process is data conversion with offshore BPO companies. On the worldwide business platform, we are listed as one of the promising data conversion service providers. Our team is experienced in maintaining and converting large amounts of data while ensuring a simple retrieval process.

With our data conversion services, we convert your business data with maximum correctness and save the contents in a secure database, allowing for easy data exchange. We are backed by a team of devoted professionals expetienced with data conversion companies. We are a hybrid workforce, thus we are well aware of the difficulties that can arise throughout the data conversion process. As one of the most well-known offshore BPO companies in the world, we ensure that the data conversion services are carried out without jeopardizing the originality of the data.

Data Conversion Services at India Data Entry

Document OCR Conversion Service – Our OCR document conversion experts will convert hardcopy/printed files to electronic format, making storage, access, retrieval, and editing more simple. The document management system will be improved if the document digitalization process is done correctly with offshore BPO companies providing data conversion services. Our document OCR conversion service at India Data Entry will convert scanned data or image-dependent documents into editable text. Data cleansing, document scanning, document digitization, and OCR conversion are the four main processes in our procedure of data conversion services.

eBook Conversion Service – Our team will ensure that the physical or digital books/manuscripts are converted into an eBook format that can be read on any device (such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, or any eBook Reader like iPad or Amazon Kindle). With data conversion services, we also take files in PDF, MS Word, or InDesign and deliver a quality-assured product in the format requested by the client. Our eBook conversion services include front-to-back layout formatting as well as the essential conversion solution. As one of the best offshore BPO companies, have the resources to provide a wide range of formatting options to accommodate the many types of eBook readers.

HTML Conversion – When it comes to promoting your company's web content, our HTML conversion service is extremely beneficial. As one of the best data conversion companies, we convert HTML files to a variety of formats, including PNG, GIF, JPEG, XHTML, PDF, ASCII, XML, RTF, and many others. Our contemporary HTML conversion services will detect layouts, tables, file structures, and bulleted points, ensuring that material is converted using the proper HTML tags. We also make sure that titles, headers, colours, footers, hyperlinks, document meta descriptions, URLs, and email addresses are all incorporated appropriately with our data conversion services.

Image Conversion – India Data Entry, as one of the top data conversion companies, offers a comprehensive range of image conversion services to our prestigious clientele all over the world. Our experts in data conversion services will convert data into several image formats. Our specialists will scan various business records and guarantee that the scanned images are saved in the format that the client specifies. Among our image converting services are: PDF to TIFF/TEXT, TIFF to Word, Image to XML, Image to MS Access, Image to CSV, Image to database, Image to HTML, and much more.

PDF Conversion – Our team of skilled data entry operators will convert your Word documents to PDF files using Adobe Acrobat software. By converting your Word papers to PDF files, you may effortlessly share them over the Internet and protect them from alterations. Compared with other data conversion companies, we will also ensure that the precise contents of the presentation are well-preserved with our data conversion services. This conversion will assist you in avoiding issues such as broken layouts and missing fonts. Furthermore, we can convert PDF to Word in such a way that you may transmit a uniform file to a large number of recipients and easily move files from one OS to another.

XLS CSV Conversion – At India Data Entry, we offer high-quality based XLS CSV conversion services such as PDF, Doc, book, microfilm, catalog, paper, image, etc. into XLS CSV conversion formats. We accept the data in any formats and guarantee that the results are accurate and highly quality-enriched with our data conversion services. Our team acquires higher proficiency to deal with all sorts of format and deliver the customized XLS CSV conversion results within the stipulated deadline.

XML XHTML Conversion – Our reasonably priced XML XHTML conversion services ensure the finest data storage, presentation, transfer, and exchange of the content, both on page and off page. Better than any other offshore BPO companies, we assist our clients to easily share the content across the web, enhancing the process of document management. With our up-to-date XML XHTML conversion services, we will implement successful data conversion and suggest the needed alterations in database design and management. We accept various formats for XML XHTML conversion services such as Word, Text, RTF, PDF, CSV, HTML, GIF, SGML, TIFF, and so on.

Top-Notch Benefits of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services to Our Hands

  • Our professionals possess a long year of experience with offshore BPO companies in the data conversion and processing domain.
  • Well-equipped with the best technical infrastructure and dedicated manpower in data conversion services
  • Ensuring cost-effective data conversion processes, without altering its quality
  • Implementing a thorough quality check on all the data conversion processes
  • We provide free value added consultation and ensure a robust business continuity planning for data conversion services
  • Offering scalable, tailored, transparent, and end-to-end data conversion services makes us the best among data conversion companies

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