India Data Entry, being one of the established BPO companies, has carefully crafted a set of form processing services to meet a wide range of company requirements. Information about customers, partners, providers, and rivals is an essential component of any organization. Without the necessary tools, handling the forms holding this information is a challenging undertaking. As a reputed offshore BPO company, India Data Entry renders expert form/invoice processing services to manage informational forms in any format, including scanned, hardcopy, faxed, and digital. Our specialists experienced in handling form processing services will ease the process of extracting important data and produce completely prepared databases that can be analyzed and retrieved at any time.

Businesses of all sizes and structures frequently have to process a huge number of forms on a daily basis. These may include invoices, purchase orders, insurance claims, tax returns, and vouchers, among others. Processing these documents in their various formats is a time-consuming operation that erodes your productivity. At India Data Entry, the top offshore BPO company and one of the leading online form processing service providers in the globe, we provide custom fit data processing solutions at a reasonable rate to fulfil all company requirements.

We provide unmatched quality forms processing services with a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, sturdy infrastructure, tried-and-true operating methodologies, and a professional team. Our expertise as an offshore BPO company providing form processing services, can extract necessary and pertinent information from a variety of sources and organize it in an editable, digital format. It enables you to have a better controle over form processing services and locate, access, and retrieve the data as needed.

Various Form Processing Services Provided by Our Team

Our professionals in form processing services are skilled at extracting data from bespoke or structured forms, scanned pictures, and faxes. We can provide you with outcomes in a variety of digital file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, CSV, TXT, and others with form processing services. We ensure a rigorous quality assurance process to give you with the best-in-class form processing services and provide the best results.

Here are a few form processing services offered by our crew as an offshore BPO company:

  • OCR form processing
  • Web form processing
  • Order, subscription, and payment processing
  • Market research form processing
  • Catalog form processing
  • Immigration form processing
  • Shipping form processing

Form Processing Methodology

  1. Once the forms are scanned, the files are either uploaded to the client's secured FTP server, stored in the cloud, or emailed to us. We retrieve the files for further processing with our form processing services.
  2. A database is built and its fields are defined depending on the client’s requirement.
  3. Implementing a robust form data entry and processing service.
  4. Before delivering the project, the final database and the entries are examined, and its quality of is evaluated with form processing services.
  5. Our Quality Assurance (QA) department will double-check all input and output to make sure there are no mistakes.

We have a team of qualified employees who will assure to keep your business database clean and healthy. Depending on the needs of our customers, we ensure to clean millions of records each day. Due to the rising data or document digitization concepts, the practice of data cleansing has become highly important. The data cleansing service can have a precise and strategic impact on your business sales and marketing policies.

Though the process of data cleansing or scrubbing process can be challenging, the solution to this process is easy and affordable.

Need to Hire India Data Entry for Your Form Processing Process

As an offshore BPO company, India Data Entry will process your forms whether they are written or printed, and whether they are organized or unstructured. We are open 24*7 and handle form processing services in the fastest time possible. Outsourcing form processing to our team is a certain approach to boost your company's production in the most cost-effective way possible. Our professionals work closely with clients to understand their business requirements of form processing services and create solutions to meet their invoice/form processing needs. To ensure consistent and precise data processing and analysis, our data professionals use either a single key or a double key technique. Better than any other offshore BPO company, we can process large batches of forms with ease and provide you with valuable information.

When you outsource form processing services to us, we guarantee 99.9% quality on a given result. We also assign an experienced and committed project manager to oversee the form digitization processes or form processing services and keep you informed about the project's progress. By choosing India Data Entry as your form processing services provider, you will not only save money, but you will also increase your ability to manage big volumes of form processing projects effectively by joining hands with the best offshore BPO company.

If you have any questions about our form processing services, you can REACH US at [email protected] any time since we offer round-the-clock customer support and make sure you gets the best form processing services.

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