Choose Wisely in Data Conversion Outsourcing


Data conversion is an important part of data management for businesses. You need to convert data into digital from physical first and then into formats that are supported by the legacy software used in the organization to capture this data and bring out useful management reports. It is important to choose the right BPO outsourcing company for data conversions as quality of information is very important in data conversions also. Sometimes the converted data may not conform to the quality standards or the exact format required. Then the parent company will have to spend more time and money on data cleansing and converting it into the desired format. This can be avoided if the parent company ensures that the following steps are taken by the outsourcing partner during data conversions:

Use of the right Technology

Data conversions are done using legacy software that produces quality output. Even while using state of the art technologies, manual checking is inevitable as some information may need human interpretation to be more relevant. So it is more important that your Data Conversion Service provider uses the right technology for data conversions rather than opting for the latest technology. It must be noted that these technologies involve high investment and need expert operators who can handle them efficiently. Outsourcing saves you from the cost involved in these investments including recruitment of expertise.

Structured Data is More Efficient

More than often, data conversion involves converting the unstructured data into a structured format which is easier to manage and makes more sense to the organization. This can be done manually or by using state of the art technologies that offer error-free data conversions. As you choose your data conversion service provider, make sure that they help you store the data in a structured manner. Even though it might take more efforts to convert the existing unstructured data into a structured format, once the existing data is converted, you can adopt the right technology to input data in a structured format for more efficient use of information. You can also outsource data entry services to ensure structured data is available at source.

Data Security

One of the riskiest factors of outsourcing data entry and management is information security. You have to address this aspect also efficiently as you outsource document conversion for your organization. You can check the security policy and quality measures adopted that ensures the privacy and safety of your data with the outsourcing company. A competent and reputed outsourcing partner will have stringent security policies in place. Make sure they conduct quality and security audits periodically to check the security measures taken. Multiple backups and strong user authorities along with updated encryption methods while transferring data over a network are imperative to strong security measures.

While the most important aspect that most companies consider while choosing an outsourcing partner is the cost factor, these 3 aspects are more important than the cost because without technology, the quality will be affected, without quality, the consistency and reliability of data will be affected which will render it useless. If the security measures are not in place, your sensitive information such as pricing or customer data may be leaked out which poses a huge threat to your market position.