Data Scrubbing Services for Error Free Data

data scrubbingData scrubbing which is more popularly is called as data cleansing. This is the process in which unwanted, unsuitable, inaccurate and wrongly formatted data is eliminated to make the data systematic, updated and useful for future use.

Complete accuracy of the data is very much required by all the organizations. Each and every organization needs to manage data in ordered and methodical manner. The data in the database of the company has to be updated timely so once it retrieved the errors should not be there otherwise it will make the future work also out of track.  If data scrubbing services are not carried out in timely manner then it may lead to quality loss of data, loss of trust related to data all these leading to drop in the customer trust and funding.

Data in database is always error prone because it is always increasing with time, sometimes it is entered manually sometime by automated process, in few cases it passes through different levels of database and more over the chances of data loss and making error is probably very high there. The process of data scrubbing is very repetitive and time taking too. But now with the revolution in the technology the made of doing the data scrubbing has changed. An automated data scrubbing is more feasible and reliable for all the organizations to clean their data.

The best practices of data scrubbing are needed to make data completely accurate. Even if there the data is simple or complexly in database these steps are required to perform.

  • Analyzing the data to detect the errors
  • Recognizing how much scrubbing steps are needed to make it error free
  • Validating the transformations made
  • Assembling the correct data in database
There are many data scrubbing software tools used these days to make the work of correcting data easy. Like different ETL tools are used by commercials are COPYMANAGER (InformationBuilders), DATASTAGE (Informix/Ardent), EXTRACT (ETI), POWERMART (Informatica), DECISIONBASE (CA/Platinum), DATATRANSFORMATIONSERVICE (Microsoft), METASUITE (Minerva/Carleton), SAGENTSOLUTIONPLATFORM (Sagent) and WAREHOUSEADMINISTRATOR (SAS). Other tools used for different practices of data scrubbing are WIZRULE (WizSoft), DATAMININGSUITE (InformationDiscovery), INTEGRITY (Vality), IDCENTRIC (FirstLogic), PUREINTEGRATE (Oracle), QUICKADDRESS (QASSystems), REUNION (PitneyBowes), and TRILLIUM (TrilliumSoftware).

To handle this critical process outsourcing is very useful and there the experts will be there to handle the work in better way.  Sometimes the data scrubbing is neglected and not carried out at the data warehouses which further leads to more complex issues. So make you data error free and updated with this.