Debunking Data Entry Outsourcing Myths


Outsourcing has already become a way of conducting business in the smartest way possible. But if you think that outsourcing may leave you in dark or you may lost control over your data while outsourcing, it is time to debunk such data entry outsourcing myths. Outsourcing is not only the smartest way to perform monotonous processes that take a long time to complete or specialized processes that require expertise for efficiency. Outsourcing is the right way to manage your core business processes more efficiently by engaging the non-core processes with a good BPO outsourcing company. While it is important to choose the right outsourcing partner for your company which may take more time, it is definitely not rocket science! Here are some more misconceptions people have about outsourcing and the realities:

1. Cost is the only benefit from outsourcing

While cost is definitely one of the major benefits of outsourcing, it is not the only benefit. There are more benefits such as expertise, latest technology applied, better quality information and services etc that matter more to most of the organizations.

2. You are risking your information privacy by Outsourcing

Information security is one of the major concerns raised by most of the organizations before they outsource data entry services. But if they engage a competent, experienced and reputed data entry firm, they will reap the benefits of quality deliverables and services while assured of information privacy. Since the outsourcing partners are bound legally by the parent company, they will always ensure data security. Moreover, they wouldn’t want to lose the reputation and trust they built over many years of working hard and loyal to their clients.

3. You lose control over your data and processes

During outsourcing, you are engaging an external team to complete specific business processes according to terms and conditions agreed by both parties. Though you may not have control over how things are done by the outsourcing firm, you can always audit their work to ensure quality. Unless you are satisfied that the outsourcing firm will complete the work according to your satisfaction, you need not enter into the outsourcing contract.

4. It is difficult to manage

Actually, outsourcing is the best way to manage specialized tasks that require more time and expert resources. Parent organizations benefit from not having to worry about the completion of outsourced business processes as they are handled by a team of experienced and expert resources under the outsourcing firm.

5. In-house teams deliver better quality than outsourcing partners

This might be true in rare cases where your processes require exclusive expertise that is only available in-house. Typically, the outsourcing partners will perform better because of their expertise and experience exclusively in those processes. Outsourcing data entry to Data Entry Services UK is a better option than maintaining an in-house team as outsourcing also offers scalability.

6. Outsourcing is only for large firms

In fact, outsourcing is the best option for SMEs than large firms. The large firms can afford to invest on the infrastructure and recruitment of an in-house team. But the SMEs benefit by saving on these critical costs which they use instead on expansion and marketing.