Gadgets and Techniques of Data Mining

Data mining is all about processing the data from a large database to find useful patterns and trends included in that information. The process of data mining allows organizations to predict the future trends to make smart decisions to improve the business. With the advent of large amount of database, the use of more extensive data mining gadgets and techniques are more prevalent in the industry. Now a days, lots of companies are emerging as the providers of data mining services to save the money and time of business entrepreneurs.
Data Mining

Data Mining Tools

Data mining tools are essential to process the unstructured data to get useful information. Different types of tools are available to mine huge volume of data to extract information. The main three categories of data mining tools are the following:
Traditional data mining tools: Traditional data mining tools are used to analyze the trends and patterns included in the database. The majority data mining tools are accessible in every operating systems.
Dashboards: It is the graphical display of the most required information in a consolidated and well-arranged manner on a single screen so it can be monitored easily. Dashboards automatically update information to provide the relevant data. There are three types of dashboards: operational, strategic and tactic.
Text mining tools: Text mining tools are mainly used to extract data from various kinds of texts. It used to scan the data and convert it into a structured format. Text mining tools allows organizations to mine the data to discover the hidden patterns and trends.

Data Mining Techniques

In addition to data mining tools, there are some data mining techniques to analyze the data in different ways. Some of the key techniques used to the process of data mining are the following:


Association is the most common and straightforward data mining technique. Association technique is mainly used in the retailing industry to track the buying habits of customers. In this technique, a hidden pattern is discovered based on the relationship between two or more related items. Therefore, it is also known as relation technique.


Classification is a systematic process in which a set of pre-defined groups are used to classify each item from the huge volume of data. Classification technique mainly employs the mathematical approaches such as statistics, decision trees and neural networks.


Clustering is a type of data mining technique to identify cluster of objects with similar features to analyze the differences and similarities within the data. Each cluster should have certain common features that can be used to develop targeted attributes.


As the name implied, prediction is a data mining technique used to predict the future of a business. Prediction technique is used to find the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables. For example, if sale is the independent variable, profit will be the dependent variable. Based on this analysis, we can draw a prediction about the future of a business.
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