How Smart Technology Is Affecting Data Entry Processes?

How Smart Technology Is Affecting Data Entry Processes

Technology intervention has revolutionized the world in every aspect. It has touched every walk of life today, from the way we travel and communicate to the way we learn and work too. There’s no doubt that these technologies have simplified and amplified the processes significantly. At the same time, they have also affected the way many processes are done. One such process that has been severely affected is data entry, which is an essential part of all businesses. Every business needs data to take intelligent decisions. This data is collected from various sources and input diligently into the Business Intelligence tools which enable the tool to come up with metrics and analytics to help the management understand where it stands in the market. Smart technologies such as voice recognition software and character readers are in one way helping ease the data entry requirements in bulk.

Here are some of the challenges posed by Smart Technologies in Data Entry Process

As many businesses are adopting latest technologies to ease and perfect their business processes, these technologies also come with challenges which can be sorted out with the help of competent outsourcing experts.

They are in their Infancy

These smart technologies such as speech recognition, scanning, OCR etc still requires verification to be done by the data experts which is offered by a competent outsourcing data entry services provider. Speech recognition software still has some glitches and recognizes only certain accents. That way, many of the words may be interpreted differently which may result in no or erroneous data being input. Erroneous data can prove to be catastrophic to business intelligence decisions. That’s why human intervention for data cleansing and correction cannot be avoided even while using speech recognition with voice transcriptions. Scanning renders mostly images which also cannot be fully processed by most of the BI tools. OCR is comparatively efficient but sometimes, it also fails to recognize certain fonts and writing styles. When you outsource data entry, the competent outsourcing partners ensure that this human process is perfectly done to render flawless data that’s complete and reliable.

Very Expensive

Engaging the latest technologies can cost significantly. Commercial speech recognition and transcription conversion software cost a future. Similarly for scanning and OCR you need the physical equipment along with the supporting software and still need the help of human resources to verify the information. When it comes to dealing with regular bulk data, it makes sense to invest, if you can afford. But a better option is to outsource data entry to competent partners who use these technologies while also engaging experienced resources to proofread and cleanse the data. The end result will be less expensive quality data that can be fed into your business intelligence tool instantly.

Requires Expertise

With every new technology that comes into the market, you need to purchase or license the tools and also need to hire resources who are experts in handling those tools. Unless you have the right resources who understand how to make the most of such technologies, there’s no way your business can make the most of such an investment. Offshore data entry service providers ensure that they train their employees who are dedicated to such specialized services.

Thus using smart technologies through a competent outsourcing partner will help your business strategically and economically.