Image data entry – The latest in Data Entry Services

Image data entry – The latest in Data Entry Services

During digitization, the existing documents in an organization are scanned and stored as images in the digital form. But how do we retrieve information from within the images? A search would normally only scan the text information and file/folder names. But when we need to access some information stored in an image file, how do we get it done? All these questions are answered by Image Data Entry Services in India that provides data entry of the images scanned and stored. The outsourcing partner converts the images into text using advanced technology and manual entry. Product catalogue entry, customer information, legal documents, accounting information etc benefit greatly from image data entry. Here are some of the reasons why image data entry has become a booming business:

Categorized information in text form

One of the main reasons businesses outsource image data entry is to convert the documents in physical form into digital form. Though this can be achieved by scanning and indexing services, when there’s bulk information in image format storing the information in a more legible format becomes necessary. As images they are not secure and searchable. When this information is scanned and stored in text format using advanced technology and manual entry, it becomes more useful.

Information security

Images stored on a computer can be accessed by anyone who is authorized to use the system. It is not a secured way of storing classified information. When the images are input into the database, the information remains more secure as databases have stringent security policies.

Transferable Information

High quality images can be very large and can take up significant amount of storage space. If they are compressed, the quality may be at stake. Without compressing, it becomes very difficult to transfer such files over the internet or by copying into removable storage device. Text documents and database information are lighter and do not take up much storage space. They can be compressed without compromising on the quality and easily transferred via the internet or copied into removable storage.

Data that’s searchable

One of the main advantages offered by digital information is data that’s easily accessible. Scanned documents are still in image format unless an advanced image reader such as ICR or OCR are used. Even then, w combination of advanced technologies may be required to convert the physical documents into text format. The outsourcing image data entry service provider will have access to such advanced technologies that may be required to convert the document images into searchable text format. Sometimes manual entry or corrections also may be required which is also done by the Outsourcing partner's resources. This is the most desirable option when there’s bulk data to handle and a huge backlog of physical documents also to be digitized.

Image data entry service providers are saviors for organizations that consider digitization while they are already well-placed in the market. They help complete the digitization process seamlessly without affecting the ongoing operations adversely. Outsourcing these processes make them cost-effective and time-bound.