Robotic Process Automation Transforming Business Process Outsourcing

BPOs: The Time to Create your Virtual Back office

Robotic Process Automation

The BPO industry is growing rapidly and developing new methods to deliver service effectively and efficiently. Rapid process Automation is evolving as a  trend changing technology for the outsourcing industry.

Robotic Automation is basically automation of method with Robotic FTES exclusively designed and configured to create a virtual back office. It is basically refers to automation where a application software can be change according to clients need. Business user can guide and trained process robots exactly in same way a fresh trainee is trained and training period is of equal duration as  to train human being.

In the words of Richard jones, chairman of procurement outsourcing provider, "Robots use and drive application in the same way humans do, so automation not  only become possible, but also offer flexibility, scalability and affordability.

Several research and report, says that the adoption of robotic automation could result in new "Avatar" of BPO. Some of the tremendous advantages of robotic process automation are:

Cost Reduction

After the four generation of BPO, the prime focus in fifth and sixth generation is same of cost reduction. This is the biggest advantage of RPA is that it implementing result in lowering cost to a great extent, as robotitistian removes the need of human being in many role and one robot can replace several human user.


As robotic FTEs never sleep, need no rest, can work actively for whole day, thus with robotic process automation technology, service provider can assure  24 x 7  optimum deliver their client.

Operational Excellence

Accuracy is always a matter for concern for clients, To maintain a good relation with clients, BPO need to deliver round the clock, and error free service, With RPA technology, 100 percent accuary can be guaranteed.


The whole process is well secured. Powerful analysis of FTEs robotics can provide ultra result which makes the whole process well secured and reliable. This is one of the milestone of RPA technology.

Scalability on demand

The FTEs robot work in virtualized environment ansd so can be easily adjusted acc to client's demand and operate in any jurisdiction.

Any rules-based process can be automated using robotic process automation, and the beauty of these robots is that they are not programmed by IT-department and can be links to all application without any need for adaptations and runs on any platform.