The internet contains a vast amount of structured and unstructured data. Capturing the proper data, on the other hand, can be a difficult and risky task. This is partly due to the fact that allowing unauthentic material into your company's mainstream can lead to its demise. As a result, outsourcing data capture services with BPO companies might be a wise and cost-effective decision.

As one of the leading data entry service providers and one of the best BPO companies, India Data Entry offers the best offshore data capture solutions. We are a pool of highly skilled people with the capacity to extract data from a variety of documents and handle the data capture service requirements. Print, electronic, scanned versions, online directories, digital catalogs, and other formats are all possible. We'll convert the data into a computer-readable format once we've extracted it with the data capture service that we offer from these critical sources. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an important part of the data extraction or data capture service process (from text, images, receipts, books, forms, etc.). We have also been praised as the top document scanning and indexing service provider and one of the best BPO companies on the global business map, thanks to such a wonderful presentation of data capture services.

Be it extracting the key image content, web data extraction, or data processing, our data capture experts have the potential to serve you with the desired results of data capture service.

India Data Entry will provide you with varied data capture services.

Healthcare Data Capture – India Data Entry provides cost-effective data capture service measures wherein the information such as patient details, diagnostics information, pharmaceutical (prescription) details, patient behavior data, administrative/documentation data, surveillance information, research, and so on. We will store the gathered into a systematic EMR system or database of the healthcare firms.

Business Data Capture – Employee records, products, market/industry data, emails, administrative records, financial transactions, and customer information are all successfully extracted by our data capture service professionals. This is extremely important in the eCommerce industry. As one of the top BPO companies, we will focus on increasing productivity, efficiency, and accessibility of corporate data through our flawlessly implemented data capture solutions.

Image Data Capture – Being an established name in the domain of BPO outsourcing, India Data Entry captures crucial information from both the printed and electronic image sources to provide the best data capture service. These sources could possibly be product brochures, digital photographs, eBooks, printed catalogs, etc. Via the use of modernized document scanning software, we fetch the details authentically and interpret the image data automatically.

Invoice/Form Data Capture – In the business context, both invoices and forms are an integral element. When we speak about invoice data capture, it includes extracting the information from sales records, billing files, expense reports, customer invoices, commercial invoices, and so on. This will streamline the transactional process of your business. Whereas, form data capture service with an offshore BPO company is all about automating the data capture process for directories, applications, records, etc.

Workflow that Describes our Data Capture Service

  • Identify the source and the object that needs to be captured
  • Collecting, sorting, and arranging the data that can be well-read
  • Entering the gathered data into a secure system and making the data capture service solution customizable

Need to Partner with India Data Entry for Data Capture Service

  1. Rendering excellent data capture solutions at a reasonable price, making the service pocket-friendly
  2. Helping the organizations to extract the data, depending on their needs and purpose of functioning
  3. Scanning and digitizing the paper records as an offshore BPO company, enabling an easy fetch of critical data, leading to business success
  4. Keeping the extracted data in a quality-oriented format and ensuring no data discrepancies
  5. Our effective data capture and document scanning service as an offshore BPO company will help in storing your valuable data in a digitized format
  6. The right data capture process implemented under the guidance of our experts will speed up the performance of your business
  7. Our data capture and document scanning service strictly follow the globally prescribed security protocols, keeping the data safe
  8. Delivering error-free data extraction process with the help of sophisticated technologies better than any other BPO companies

Apart from the aforementioned advantages of choosing us, we are skilled at providing 24-hour customer service, delighted consumers, and effective workflow. Our automatic data capture service and the solution, which is well-known in this field, will boost your company's efficiency immediately. Send your questions to [email protected] for further information and find data capture solutions with the best offshore BPO company.

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