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Did you know most organizations lose at least 30% of their revenue due to document loss? Services such as scanning and indexing, BPO, and Offshore can increase revenue for your business. Document scanning and document indexing services are vital for safeguarding important documents. When your company needs to get Document scanning and document indexing services, contact a professional BPO company in India. When it comes to document scanning and indexing, our team is here to help. If you choose us, you’d be hiring a top offshore BPO company for the task.

India Data Entry is a reputed scanning and indexing company that offers the finest document imaging solutions to businesses. Our professional document scanning services will provide you with the best results. India Data Entry is a best scanning and indexing company in India. We are a reputed scanning and indexing service, specializing in providing the finest online solutions for document management needs. Our professional scanning services will contribute to the best data management tactics, customer data management, scanning, or indexing needs.

Our Scanning and Indexing Services Benefits the Following Industries:



Banking and finance

Retail or eCommerce


Real Estate


Startups and Corporates

We are one of the best scanning and indexing service providers in India. We’re one of the most trusted Indian document scanning companies that offers a safe and efficient document scanning service. If you want to scan millions of pages and thousands of documents, a professional data scanning service provider like us is what you need.

As a leading document scanning service provider and a BPO company, we offer two foremost scanning and indexing services – document scanning and document indexing.

Our Primary Web Research Focus Includes:

Document Scanning – Scanning and indexing your documents can be time consuming, complicated and expensive. Our professional document scanning team make the process fast and simple. We offer top-notch document scanning and professional document indexing services that convert your hard copy documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, degrees, and educational certificates into digital data that can be stored digitally in cloud. To help you create a spacious and free-of-paper-storage business environment we take care of microfilm scanning or document scanning. OCR (optical character recognition) solutions convert your hard copy documents’ text into easily readable and searchable formats.

Document Indexing – Once we get the scanning and indexing process started, it’s highly important to index the documents for better accessibility. Our meticulous document indexing service will identify and set apart all the documents, depending on the search criteria. Identifying the documents and getting instant access to these files is of greater business significance. Our problem-free document indexing practice will also reduce the risk of documents being lost or replaced.

At our outsourcing company we have a process of scanning and indexing documents and our BPO services are distributed based on this process.

With the sophisticated technologies, our team will accredit your business to cut back on paper-based records and offer real-time access to the data.

Driving Forces to Hire India Data Entry for your Scanning and Indexing Project

  • Granting cost-effective scanning and indexing solutions to a global clientele
  • Specializing in document scanning services and custom solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.
  • Integrated the advanced technologies into a professional scanning and indexing service for error-free scanning and indexing.
  • We are a professional document scanning company that delivers authentic digitization results.
  • Our document scanning, document indexing and BPO solutions can be accessed from anywhere and is scalable.
  • Regardless of the quantity, we handle any size of document scanning and indexing

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