Image Data Entry Services

To oversee the functions of an organization is a thought-provoking responsibility and it covers innumerable factors. And one significant among them is image processing and image data entry service that includes image conversion, retouching, and capturing. Because image processing and image data entry service involves enormous time and effort, hiring an offshore data entry service provider or an offshore BPO company can be an absolute decision. In recent times, India Data Entry has emerged to be one of the best data entry outsourcing or BPO companies, specialized in providing cost-effective image data entry services.

India Data Entry has been serving our esteemed global clients with excellent image data entry service results since we have laid our foundation. Our professionally executed image data entry services will assure the generation of quality-driven processed images, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. As most of the firms are constantly looking out for image data entry service support, our dedicated group of experts will successfully convert countless images into desired formats.

As a reputed offshore BPO company, we will help you with effortless image capture, image storage, image conversion, image processing, image retrieval, and image data entry services. With the involvement of advanced technological assistance, we convert the scanned images, depending on the client’s requirements. Our image data entry service outsourcing company will diminish the overall cost up to 50-60% and will serve our worldwide customers with authentic results.

How Does Our Image Data Entry Service Work?

We recognize the importance of visuals or images in a business firm. Image data entry service often plays a crucial role in eCommerce businesses. Keeping this need in mind, we ensure to extract the specifications, price, and other data from the product images and input them into a client-specified format. At India Data Entry, we believe in the saying that ‘images are powerful than words’ and can convey a business message meaningfully.

Our premium image data entry service involves the editing and conversion of images, casting a positive impact on your business. Our basic workflow includes:

Image conversion
Image data entry
Image processing
Image capture
Image storage
Image keying
Image retrieval

Being a leading data entry outsourcing company, our experts in image data entry service possess the ability to deal with images in any format, such as RTF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, and so on. In the instance of paper or printed images, we, as a renowned offshore BPO company, will utilize the technologies or software to scan the images and skillfully preserve them in a client-requested format. Both our online and offline image data entry services ensure to deliver the customized solutions that would cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Our Top-Notch Image Data Entry Services Are:

  • Scanned image data entry
  • Image data entry into the database
  • Image data storage and retrieval
  • Image sorting
  • Image conversion
  • Extracting data from images and storing to format
  • Image data entry into a spreadsheet
  • Deleting or uploading the images
  • Photo restoration
  • Catalog image data entry
  • Data entry from receipt images
  • Image keying and indexing
  • Image labeling and analysis service
  • Image annotation and tagging service

With our impeccable image data entry and processing services, you will find it easy to navigate and locate the images. Our image data entry service will also focus on resizing the images with the use of sophisticated technologies.

Joining Hands with India Data Entry

  • Access the best and quality-packed image data entry service at a reasonable price
  • We work with quality and precision, delivering the image data entry solution within a short time, being one of the most efficient BPO companies
  • Customized flexibility, focus on customer satisfaction, and enhanced flexibility with top-quality image data entry service
  • We provide round-the-clock customer support assistance and will update you with the project progress
  • Maintaining the quality standards of the image data entry result as we have a robust team of output reviewers and quality check experts
  • Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your precious data files via the signing of NDA, file transfer protocol, and so on
  • Employing a team of professional and experienced operators to implement the image data entry services better than any other BPO companies
  • Regardless of the challenges involved in the project, our team deals with all kinds of projects seamlessly
  • Our skilled data entry operators guarantee to take the essential measures for better image processing and produce a result-driven approach
  • Equipping the best technologies such as OCR and ICR to scan and extract the data from the images
  • Enabling our clients to store the data in various formats, overcoming all the complexities

As one of the top BPO companies, India Data Entry successfully serves various business verticals as a trustworthy offshore BPO company. Our clients belongs to thr area of eCommerce, logistics, healthcare, real estate, and many more. With the rise in image data entry needs, we have the scalability and flexibility in handling a large quantity of work.

You can get started with us by writing your needs to [email protected] and get the best image data entry service that you can achieve.

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