If you are struggling with the process of retrieving specific data during a crisis, emergency, or urgent situation, we are here to help you out. India Data Entry is a top document digitization service provider, having a deeper and flexible specialization in document indexing services. To scan, digitize, and retrieve the data is the prime focus of every business organization, especially in this digital era. When it comes to document indexing and digitization, India Data Entry is a top BPO service provider. Our experienced team can help your organization store documents and retrieve the data in an emergency.

Document indexing service is a process of tagging the file with the various information that is stored in it. This will make the data easily retrievable. The process of indexing creates searchable data such as date, name, address, etc. that will help the clients or users to find the document later. Accurate document indexing has become a must in this business scenario. As a BPO company offering data digitization services, we always ensure accurate document indexing through an organized process.

Being one of the best data entry outsourcing and document scanning companies in India, we offer scalable indexing solutions and help in developing a complete database. Our document digitization and indexing service will offer multiple ways of searching and retrieving the essential data in a user-friendly way.

Extracting the index data can be performed in various ways:

Barcode indexing
OCR indexing
Manual indexing

When you outsource document indexing to us, here are the ways we’ll manage your business’s documents. Our BPO company will convert your paper documents into a digital version. And our experts will perform document indexing. Before we implement the document indexing service, we set out certain rules that should be widely followed during the process. Apart from indexing, our experts will implement data archiving by converting the paper information into a digital version. This initiative from our end will make the end usable at its best without any hassles. Since our establishment, we have experienced the opportunities in successfully managing small to the large bulk of digitally scanned images and documents. The document indexing service is largely done from the scanned images. Both data conversion and digitization are included in our document indexing service.

Our Document Indexing Process

  1. It all begins with the image scanning procedure.
  2. Each image is extracted and the vital fields are keyed for the digital format.
  3. Implementing validation wherein only the accurate data is keyed.
  4. Finally, a double keying is integrated to ensure 100% right indexing

As the documentation concept has increased across various business verticals, document digitization plays a crucial role. As a BPO company, we realize the opportunity to plan and execute the document indexing and data digitization process.

Data Indexing Services at India Data Entry

  • Full profile and text/word indexing service
  • Successful document conversion service
  • Data backup and duplication service

India Data Entry has indexed countless records and has been catering to the customized document indexing services worldwide.

Reasons to Hire Our Specialists for Document Indexing Services

  • The best mix of advanced technologies and dedicated manpower
  • Providing a set of customized document indexing solutions
  • Offering the services at a competitive price and saving nearly 30-40%
  • Providing round-the-clock assistance to meet your needs
  • Indexing the documents with complete accuracy and flexibility
  • Enhancing the operational efficiency of your business organization
  • Maintaining an organized backup, eliminating duplication, and comprehending customer needs
  • Enabling your firm to store the information in a well-structured database
  • Making your files easily navigable with our indexing services
  • Ensuring complete safety and security of your business documents
  • Integrating a multi-step verification process to keep up the data quality
  • Our document indexing services will help your firms to develop better-informed decisions
  • Helping our clients to access the data as and when needed

As there is a tremendous growth of the business data, you need to take the right strategies for improving the efficiency of data management and organize the system workflow. Be it using date, keywords, numbers, etc. we use the contemporary organizational methods to perform a quality-rich document indexing service.

With a BPO service team, we’ll help you improve the efficiency of data digitization, organize the system workflow, and perform a quality-rich document indexing service.

To experience first-class document indexing services, you can approach us and hire our experts. Write your queries to us at [email protected]

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