Document OCR Conversion Service

Data conversion support has become a necessity for every organization, owing to the amount of rising data each day. Either due to a lack of experts or technological aid, a majority of the organizations fail in implementing the right document OCR conversion services with the help of data conversion companies. India Data Entry comes to rescue such organizations from being trapped in various loopholes.

This is the era of digitization and a large number of companies have started embracing the concept of ‘going paperless’ with data conversion companies or document OCR conversion services. This practice has led to an emergence of converting the documents into digital format with the help of advanced measures such as OCR (optical character recognition service) or ICR followed by data conversion companies.

India Data Entry is recognized as one of the best data conversion companies in India, offering a multitude of services to clients based in the U.K, India, the U.S., and various parts of the world. As one of the best data conversion companies, we provide first-class outsourcing OCR conversion services that would preserve your business data securely in a digitized format.

Our OCR document conversion specialists will convert the hardcopy/printed files into electronic format, making the storing, accessing, retrieving, and editing procedure easy. The right way of document digitization process followed by data conversion companies will enhance the document management system with document OCR conversion services. At India Data Entry, our document OCR conversion will transform the scanned data or image-dependent documents into an editable text format.

Being one of the top data conversion companies and outsourcing OCR conversion service providers, we integrate the document OCR conversion services or simply OCR services for capturing the text or characters from the various scanned images or documents.

Document OCR conversion at India Data Entry

  • OCR data conversion for online publishing
  • Bank statements, business documents, survey forms, various applications
  • Marketing documents, brochures, or flyers
  • Salary slips, database-stored documents, resumes
  • Healthcare documents including patient records, etc.
  • Research papers or related docs, accounting or finance reports

Our OCR document conversion covers five essential concepts which are listed below:

OCR cleaning up – his process is implemented once we cover up the overall OCR service. The procedure of OCR cleanup will prevent instances of losing or missing data. Our OCR process of OCR document conversion services will ensure that the detected errors are rectified instantly, thereby, boosting the accuracy.

Document Scanning – Our OCR conversion service will ease the process of scanning the documents. The procedure followed by OCR document conversion services includes automatic/manual indexing, full-text OCR indexing, data capturing, preparing a document management system, and so on.

Document Digitizing – We provide an excellent document digitizing service wherein the electronic formats turn out to be the best data storage. We handle all kinds of document digitizing services including the conversion of any documents (text, audio, or video) into electronic formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. with OCR document conversion services.

OCR Conversion – Our specialists transform the OCR-based data into Word, PPT, PDF, or any other format into renowned types. Our cost-effective process of OCR document conversion services will help your business to save time, cost, and usage of large volumes of paper.

India Data Entry brings together advanced technologies and skilled manpower to simplify the process of capturing the image and textual data with OCR document conversion services. Once collected, we will guarantee to effortlessly transform the information into an editable document. This will ease the act of adding, editing, removing, or updating the content.

Document OCR Workflow

  • Step 1 – Understanding the scope of the project
  • Step 2 – Executing a free trial
  • Step 3 – Setting up the budget after analyzing the time and effort involved
  • Step 4 – Implementing all the essential stages (cleanup, scanning, digitizing, and OCR conversion)
  • Step 5 – Verifying and authenticating the data and ensuring a complete quality check
  • Step 6 – Delivering the result in a client-specified format

Retrieving the data from a document is one of the most challenging aspects. Hence, business organizations work towards a document OCR conversion process or OCR document conversion services wherein the documents can be organized perfectly. It will speed up productivity and make the needed data instantly available to the employees.

Reasons to Hire India Data Entry

  • Affordable solutions within a short deadline
  • Following the industrial security protocols better than any other data conversion companies
  • Offering error-free and quality document OCR conversion
  • Utilizing advanced software and experienced professionals
  • Enabling you to expand your productivity
  • Effortlessly dealing with a bulk of documents in a single day
  • Presenting an editable OCR document at its best
  • Rendering customized conversion solutions, as per the client’s need
  • Aiming to create a paperless environment for your business

So, do you wish to create an organized and paper-free scenario for your business? Get in touch with our experts at [email protected] to get the best OCR document conversion services.

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